Visions of Sugar Plums are gonna dance in my head.

The 60’s…a generation long gone now, the peace , love, brotherhood, unity, all came back to me last night, with a tear, when Melanie, an underrated folk artist performed at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix , Arizona. Her compassion, love, & peace, poured out in her song as we relived a time long ago.

We lost many rock and roll lives to circumstances , sometimes, beyond our control. Living this life, “on the sidelines”as I call it, showed me time and time again, that if it wasn’t for the passion of performing, it wouldn’t be worth it all. I have always found that music brings together, unites a community to heal, to shout out what’s important in this life. Music identifies with all things in all that we do. We identify “a time”, “pain” , “all that is good” with song. Melanie’s performing a generation of song brought back all the was good, free, innocent, in this life, which is now faded, and/or fading too fast.

“I’ll spend my whole life making the time rhyme”…and Melanie has done just that. When I was young, singing this song, little did I realize, which she had as well, that well into our later years, we continue to do so. If we cant find song, harmony in our daily living, what do we supply it with?

“Some came to sing, some came to pray, some came to keep the dark away” ….Woodstock….a time long gone…. During my father’s aging, I tried to learn what he experienced all those challenging years. Up to his passing, with much ponder, I realized this is now me. All the experiences, daily challenges, struggles, fears, accomplishments, knowledge, what shall I do with this? And I asked God to grace me with longevity, to give me at least 87 some years on this Earth (more if He so chooses). Listening to the music Melanie sang last night brought tears because this is now me, today, living this life, traveling through this world of woe. Its a great life despite all the “sickness, toil and danger”.

Stay blessed, remember to find, always, the good in this world.

A line from a poem of my childhood has said, That visions of sugarplums were gonna dance in my head.”….PEACE